Sealing & Hardening–

Although hard and strong in compression, concrete is a very porous material that needs to be sealed.  Ranging from low cost acrylic topical sealers to "state-of-the-art" penetrating sealers and chemical hardeners, CSolutions has the technical knowledge to select and install the product that is right for your application.

Interior Flooring Solutions–

Let the concrete artisans from CSolutions create a one of a kind interior flooring solution for you.  From mild to wild, we can create a flooring design to fit any décor.

Utilizing top quality products from leading manufacturers such as LM Scofield, Sundek, Dayton Superior, Ardex, Prosoco, and CTS Cement, CSolutions offers professional consultation and installation services for every application. 

Concrete Repair & Resurfacing-

In many cases your concrete may be structurally sound but aesthetically unattractive.  Our installations run the spectrum from decorative overlayments to pool deck coatings to the repair of pitted and spalled driveways damaged by rock salt and other deicing chemicals. CSolutions has the product knowledge and skill to get your concrete back in shape.

Exposed Aggregate Finishes-

These finishes are steadily emerging as a beautiful and sturdy architectural choice.  Utilizing either locally mined aggregates or those from other parts of the world, exposed aggregate paving provide a sophisticated look that will beautify any environment.

Color Restoration-

CSolutions concrete artisans have the skills to restore the appearance of your faded, worn, or mis-matched exterior colored or uncolored concrete.  Renew the color uniformity and intensity of porous, exterior colored concrete surfaces and concrete pavers providing measured amounts of color without imparting a paint-like appearance.

Stamped Concrete–

Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned or imprinted concrete, is created by applying a custom blend of colors and texturing the concrete with large rubber mats to create the appearance of brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood.  Having stamped tens of thousands of square feet, CSolutions and our team of experts can create your dream pool deck, driveway, courtyard, patio and even your interior floor.

Stained & Dyed Concrete–

Stained concrete flooring is a very affordable way to create a distinct aged patina appearance.  From classical to contemporary, your imagination is your only boundary.

Elements , Prism, Seascapes Surface Seeded Flooring-

CSolutions' proprietary custom flooring has the look of old world terrazzo at fraction of the price.

Building Owner and Manager Services-

ADA compliance issues, trip & fall hazards, crack repairs, loading docks, dumpster pads, curbing, caulking, color restoration, sidewalks, stairs, or concrete removal & replacement.  You wouldn’t call a painter to perform your landscaping needs so why are you calling your landscaper to address your hardscape issues?  If you manage an office building, CSolutions understands the special challenges that come with completing potentially disrupting projects at that location.  Keeping your employees and tenants operating during the project is important. CSolutions goal is minimize disruptions and keep you on schedule.

Reflections Ground & Polished Concrete-

Polished concrete is the fastest growing segment of the concrete industry.  From industrial facilities to restaurants to basement floors, polished concrete flooring is a durable, low maintenance floor option.  Don’t be fooled by unrealistically low prices. CSolutions Reflections ground and polished concrete system is a true systematic process that follows the procedures outlined the Concrete Polishing Association of America.  Let CSolutions explain the proper steps that are required to deliver a dense low maintenance floor.

Concrete Removal and Replacement-

Everything has a life cycle and concrete is no exception. Sometimes the best solution is to remove the problem and start from scratch.  From demolition to haul off to replacement CSolutions will get the job done efficiently and see to it that the reinstallation is adequately reinforced and placed on a suitable subgrade.

Templated Logos, Designs & Theming–

Business logos, insignia’s, or custom works of art. CSolutions can recreate your masterpiece for all too see.

Unit Pavers-

Interlocking concrete pavers are multi-shaped, multi-colored pieces of concrete or brick commonly used in exterior hardscaping applications.  Interlocking concrete paving stones offer an alternative to plain concrete. Installed over a compacted stone sub-base and a leveling bed of sand, concrete paving stones can be used for walkways, patios, and driveways.  Interlocking pavers are available in a wide range of shapes, so one isn't bound to using different sized squares that mimic cobblestone.  A diagonal arrangement of rectangular tiles can create a herringbone pattern.

Pervious Concrete Paving–

Also known as “no-fines” or “porous pavement”, pervious concrete allows rainwater to percolate directly through the pavement and into the underlying soil therefore eliminating untreated water runoff.  The proper utilization of pervious concrete is a recognized Best Management Practice by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for providing first-flush pollution control and storm water management.  Property owners and developers can also reduce fees and enhance the bottom line by using pervious concrete, which commonly provides 20-40 years of service with little or no maintenance.